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  The image on the right is that of a Rainring card – Radiance – as it appears in the hard copy of the cards available to purchase.

The format offered on the web almost corresponds to the first stage in the development of the cards. At that point, each card had one mention, though the coloured number also existed.

The West Facing Despair Card
west-facing image
The word at south remains the principal mention. It is this which gives its name to the card. Note, however, that in the set 6 cards the image faces not south, but west. Despair, for instance, is the mention shown online, but the name of the card which features the image of despair is actually ‘Sensation’.

The card is further identified by its grid position. The vertical position is by grow. – the yellow 6 here in the case of Radiance; the horizontal position is by set - the black 3 here; hence the designation: 6 / 3 Radiance. The 81 cards of this type are known as the ‘grid cards’ 

  • The west side mention usually refers to feelings, emotions, sensations
  • The east side has two mentions, the first, characteristic of the set (3 here), the second, representing the group (6 here).
  • The north side of the card is occupied by the reversal symbol
The card thus has four sides, each with a related meaning.
Group 6 (Self group)
Set 3 (Balance set)
4 Mention Radiance
Card 6/3 Radiance
The Grid Position of Radiance
The Radiance card's grid position
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